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Dartmoor is littered with the evidence of hundreds of years mining and quarrying all over its landscape and one of the best places to see this is Foggintor Quarry.

The stone quarried at Foggintor was mainly used to build the town of Princetown & nearby Dartmoor Prison as well as being transported further afield to Plymouth. Today you can see the ruins of Hill cottages where the families of quarry workers once lived and also the ruin of the managers house which sits proud just outside the quarry.

Foggintor Quarry DartmoorWalking to Foggintor Quarry, (that’s the only way), from Princetown you can follow the old railway line, this brings you across the entrance which is through a narrow cut into the quarry walls. Foggintor Quarry lies hidden until you almost fall over it as you walk along the disused railway which runs from Princetown and meanders through the Princetown and Kings Tor area. As you approach the quarry edge you can easily see why Foggintor Quarry is so popular with rock climbers with its steep walls and craggy sides. The quarry is filled with water and rocks, but in summer can look very inviting to swim in but I would not recommend that! The quarry ceased operation in the 1930s.

Fancy Wild swimming?

Check out the reports from this website about swimming in the pool!

Rock Climbing at Foggintor Quarry website feature information for climbers on this Tor plus links to the regional access database on the BMC website. The quarry is situated on Registered Common Land so there is a statutory right of access.

UKclimbing page
BMC website

There are a number of ways to get to the quarry which is a short walk from Princetown, getting out to Princetown you can take the Tavistock Country Bus service from Tavistock.

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