Merrivale Rows


Bronze Age Stone Rows, Cist, Cairns and Cairn Circle

Just outside of Tavistock You will find one of the best bronze age stone rows on Dartmoor, south and north row, made up of stone rows, stone circles, cairns, cists and standing stones.

Dartmoor has the largest concentrations of stone rows of any area in Britain and the Merrivale Stone Rows have a few people refer to these stones as stone avenues or ritual causeways but the stones narrow to as little as 0.2m which is too narrow for a ritual causeway.

You can get to these stones easily, by bus, car or bike from Tavistock as they lie just 3 miles away. To get there head for the Dartmoor Inn on the Tavistock to Princetown road, go past the Inn and just as you head upon the hill you will see a parking area on the right hand side. Above this area is a hill and at the top are the stone rows


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