22+ fascinating views of the ancient Lebanese city of Kfar Abida

About 50 minutes from Beirut to the north, in Batroun Governorate, the coastal town of Kfar Abida stretches out to vast green hills overlooking its pristine beaches and seaside resorts.

It has an Aramaic name which means The field does, and there is also speculation that it could be an Assyrian name meaning The field of the servant of God.

An ancient city with archaeological finds dating back 5,000 years and remains from the Bronze Age prior to the Phoenician era, Kfar Abida was home to ancient farmers and fishermen living on the blessings of the land and the sea.

Today, Kfar Abida is a destination for lovers of history and culture, nature reserves and outdoor activities, but also charming restaurants.

And, of course, its famous beautiful rocky beaches with crystal clear waters.

It houses the neo-Romanesque church of Mar Sarkis and the Bakhos church, built in 1913

Serenity at sunset

Green hills

Dream view from the sea

Hidden paradise carved by nature

Paradise cave

Transparent water

Fascinating sites

Fascinating view of algae

Colored by marine life


Kayaking in a cave

Sinister …

Kayaking into the setting sun!

Summer atmosphere

Romantic ambience

Beautiful seaside resorts

Coastal charm


Marine life encounters

Glorious sunsets

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