A dog lights the fire at home in the city of England by turning on the microwave!

A dog started a fire at a house in Stanford-Le-Hope, about 25 miles east of London, by turning on the microwave. The husky lit the microwave with a bundle of buns in it. The Essex Fire Department said the owner was not at home when the incident occurred. They were alerted to the fire via an app on their cell phones. Firefighters said the owner’s device was giving them live images from a camera inside their home. New York dog dies saving a couple from a massive fire, the owners of which are in deep pain.

Geoff Wheal, supervisor at Corringham Fire Station, said his colleagues had arrived to see a kitchen full of smoke. In the aftermath of the incident, Wheal warned people against storing food in the microwave when not in use. He said: “Our advice is to always keep your microwave clean and free of clutter or food and any wrappings. Pets or children can turn them on more easily than you might think, so don’t run the microwave. risk.” A dog saves the family by alerting them to a fire and dies in the process.

He added: “When we arrived the kitchen was filled with smoke. Firefighters ensured that the damage did not spread beyond the kitchen, but this demonstrates that microwaves should not be used to store food when not in use. He dialed the emergency number and Essex Fire Services responded and found the fire was caused by the microwave. However, smoke was rising from the kitchen. The buns inside the microwave had started to burn, causing the fire. According to reports, the dog was not injured in the incident.

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