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ALBION – Albion City Council wants more information about the operational capacities of the lagoon aeration equipment it wants to buy before choosing an offer.

The discussion revolved around the question of whether the aeration discs could be operated from the shore of the lagoon, or whether operators would have to board a boat to go to the lagoon. The board seeks to save money by avoiding the costs of any future equipment specification change orders.

Council members decided to wait for responses, deferring consideration of the nomination until the November 9 meeting. The application file is valid until November 14.

The board approved a proposal for additional engineering services for $ 81,500. The proposal includes permit fees, construction administration and other required documents. The city’s permit application for the project was submitted last week to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

The council adopted a template for its US bailout funds when it first read a resolution, as advised by city manager Jacob Ihrie. He called the model a “living document” that can be changed at any time for future projects. ARP funds must be used for infrastructure upgrades for water, wastewater and broadband utilities and must have strict reporting requirements.

Ihrie was also appointed as the city’s Disabled Americans Coordinator, responsible for the ADA’s needs assessment and compliance, during a first reading of the resolution.

Ihrie said he would contact the Noble County Foundations ARC and the Central Noble School District for suggestions for a community member to sit on the ADA committee.

Council members agreed to cancel the December 28 meeting from its calendar, as it falls between the Christmas and New Years holidays. The last meeting for 2021 will be on December 14. The city’s vacation schedule for 2022 has also been approved.

The city renewed its lease with Mediacom for five years without change. The lease was due on December 31.

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