An ecological wonder and an ancient city draw tourists to Peng’an County, Sichuan

PENGAN, China, April 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A livestock herding festival has been launched in Peng’an County, Sichuan province, the April 30attracting tourists from all over the country to enjoy this natural wonder and a recently restored ancient city.

A herd of cattle crosses the Jialing River to an island for grass on April 30. Such a large scene in Peng’an County, Sichuan Province appears repeatedly every day between April and October

The county is famous for a natural scene called “hundreds of cattle crossing the river”. In a small village of Peng’an near the Jialing River, the upper tributary of the Yangtze River, hundreds of cattle swim across the Jialing River in the morning to graze on the central island. The cows make the return trip across the river at dusk.

The big stage occurs repeatedly from April to October and has become popular among tourists. Therefore, the local government started an annual cattle ranching festival in 2010. The annual festival starts on the last weekend of April.

Peng’an is also well known for the ancient town of Xiangru, which was the hometown of Sima Xiangru (179-118 BC), a statesman, poet and musician of ancient China.

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