Call for more information on the time of the Spanish Civil War Socorro Rojo

The Gibraltar Garrison Library appealed to the public for any information on the Socorro Rojo Internacional which was established in 1922.

The group was created by the Communist International as a non-governmental organization that operated in the same format as the Red Cross, albeit as an independent and secular organization.

The Spanish Socorro Rojo was created a few years later, in 1934, following the October Revolution in Asturias, which took place the same year and which was part of the general strike sweeping Spain at that time.

However, it was during the Spanish Civil War that the Spanish siege Socorro Rojo provided food and clothing to children in Republican areas and supported soldiers with libraries and hospitals.

The Gibraltar committee of the Socorro Rojo followed these similar initiatives by collecting food and clothing donations from the local community to help Republican children and families in the immediate Spanish hinterland.

A small postcard with the portrait of Manuel Azaña, the President of the Republic, would be given to these donors in return.

Women were mainly involved in bringing donated supplies across the border into Spain, as their likelihood of being searched was lower than for their male counterparts.

Michael Netto, who is researching aspects of the Spanish Civil War, recently brought photographs from the Socorro Rojo Gibraltar committee to the Gibraltar Garrison Library, in hopes that the library has more details on the work being done. by this committee.

“It is suggested that the Gibraltar committee had a collection office close to the Gibraltar Garrison Library, possibly next to the printing house and, therefore, not immediately visible from Town Range,” said the government.

“Yet there is no clear indication of the actual location of their office, and details of Socorro Rojo’s work in Gibraltar remain very limited.”

“Someone in Gibraltar may be able to help fill in the remaining gaps, including helping to identify the names of committee members.”

Anyone with details about the Socorro Rojo, please contact the Gibraltar Garrison Library on 200 77418 or email: [email protected]

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