Ancient town

Ancient city of Metropolis delivers new treasures

An ancient Greek and Roman city called Metropolis within the borders of the Turkish province of Izmir has delivered many precious gifts over the course of three decades, the latest being the statue of a noblewoman. Excavations in the city of Metropolis, an ancient town in the Torbali district of …

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An ancient city rich in history and heritage

From witnessing fierce battles to hosting royal buildings, the town of Bobbili has had its share of history, in terms of heritage and legacy. Often referred to as Veera (courageous) Bobbili, the city obtained this title due to the worth of its people. Going back to the roots, let’s go …

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Opening of an international festival in the ancient city of Longquan in Shijiazhuang, China

BEIJING – The 2021 Shijiazhuang International Festival opened in the ancient Longquan City of Shijiazhuang, an archetypal Chinese city and the provincial capital of Hebei, China, to promote and develop the local economy through local drinks, food and artistic performances. The colorful event organized by Shijiazhuang Municipal Government, Municipal Commerce …

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