Ancient town

Preserving Amaravati as an ancient city

The organic and historical links between the ancient city and the surrounding villages must be developed. India is on the cusp of a paradigm shift in how its much neglected heritage should be preserved. The funding shortage was almost ended with the launch of two new programs by the central …

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Ancient Town Provides New Clues to Early Life in Wyoming

For years Bryon Schroeder has heard rumors of an ancient abandoned village in central Wyoming, where archaeologists found tens of thousands of artifacts, then moved on before fully excavating the site. The site, first discovered in 1969 in Shirley Basin, has become almost legendary. When Schroeder started asking where exactly …

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Archaeologists excavate ruins in ancient city of Magdala

An ancient synagogue discovered on the shore of the Sea of ​​Galilee may have been a temple where Jesus preached, according to the Christian organization that owns the site. Archaeologists have excavated the 2,000-year-old ruins, which date back to the 1st century, in the town of Migdal in northern Israel. …

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