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Huge factory fire blows smoke over city in England

Local residents watch a blaze engulf an industrial facility in Leamington Spa, England on Thursday, August 27, 2021. The blaze evacuates surrounding properties, fearing the blaze could involve chemicals. (Jacob King / PA via AP) LONDON – A huge fire broke out at an industrial park in the town of …

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Marblehead: A charming New England town with a rich history, top-notch cuisine and breathtaking views | Destinations

If you fancy a picturesque New England experience, it’s best to do it in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Filled with national historic landmarks, a stunning rocky coastline, and breathtaking 17th and 18th-century architecture, Marblehead is a laid-back option, especially if you want to avoid the crowds of Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, or …

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