Did you know there is a Sun Down Town guide? Here’s what you need to know

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Cities at sunset are cities and towns with an all-white or majority-white population that are notorious for practices of racial segregation, discriminatory laws, intimidation, or violence.

As some educators point out, a sunset town is not a place where anything racist happens. It’s an entire community with practices that translate to “all white” on purpose.

These types of towns were created at the end of the 19e century. They are so named because at one time there were physical signs warning non-whites to stay away after sunset.

Sadly, although not made explicit, many of these towns still exist today, prompting educators, historians and a committed public to create a Sundown Town Guide.

“Welcome to the world’s only registry of sunset cities,” the website reads. “Just click on a state to see an alphabetical list of all sunset cities we know of. [or] think can [have] been from towns at sunset and managed to get up to the site.

It’s important to note that the guide acknowledges that not all cities are completely confirmed, and the creators hope people will look at the data to come to their own conclusion.

The contributors also point out that just because a city isn’t listed doesn’t mean it’s not a sunset city.

Black travelers use the guide as a resource to identify potential hazards when driving on the road, similar to the historical Victor Hugo Green green paper in the days of Jim Crow.

You can access the guide by click here.

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