Do you have your back-to-school sticker? A city-by-city guide to picking up your pass at home after a storm

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – As the Atlantic hurricane season kicks off, now is the time to prepare for the possibility of a storm hitting our region.

Food, water, and supplies are essential parts of any hurricane kit, but so are setting aside important documents and making sure you have re-entry decals for your car.

Although counties and towns in the interior do not regulate who is allowed to enter the area after a storm, the islands can only allow residents to return in an emergency.

Each seaside town has a different procedure for obtaining a resident’s sticker for your car. They are required in most places, and some cities have deadlines you can’t miss.

Carolina Beach

In the event of an emergency, return to Carolina Beach may be limited to owners and permanent residents. The re-entry could be limited to cars with a current and permanently affixed city identification sticker. Individuals without a sticker will be directed to an off-site location where, with appropriate documentation, temporary re-entry permits will be issued in accordance with Carolina Beach’s Emergency Operations Plan.

Carolina Beach Resident Parking Decals also serve as re-entry permits, and re-entry permits can be purchased by people who do not wish to have a parking decal. Click here to order one.

Kure Beach

The vehicle re-entry sticker is mandatory whenever access to the bridge is restricted due to an emergency situation. Residents or owners who do not have a re-entry vehicle sticker with them can obtain one with appropriate proof of ownership or residence at a location to be designated.

As of January 2019, you will no longer come to the town hall to buy your vehicle re-entry sticker because the process has changed. Two vehicle re-entry decals will be mailed in January / early February 2020, with the January utility bill sent.

The color of the vehicle’s re-entry sticker will change each year and will display the City logo. Any resident / tenant / owner who wants more than two re-entry decals can purchase them for $ 20 each.

Wrightsville Beach

Vehicle tax stamps are required by the City’s Code of Ordinances. The decals also serve as a means of re-entry identification after a hurricane evacuation. Decals are issued by Pivot Parking at 321 Causeway Drive for $ 15 before April and $ 30 after that date. The sticker should be placed in the lower left corner of the windshield. People are encouraged to purchase the decals early to avoid long lines when a hurricane threatens Wrightsville Beach.

The city also includes instructions on how to obtain Guardian Passes, Marina Passes, Emergency Personnel Passes, and Contractor Passes through the Police Department. . on its website.

Ocean Island Beach

Owner’s vehicle decals, used to re-enter the island after an evacuation, will not be issued after June 1, 2021. For more information, visit or call (910) 579-2166.

The sun setting on the beach

The Hurricane Re-Entry Pass program only applies to property owners on the island. During emergency events such as hurricanes, the City will close the bridge to the island for public safety and the safety of emergency responders. Once the bridge is closed, access to the island will be blocked and monitored by a police officer. After the event, city officials will inspect the island to ensure safety before landowners are allowed to inspect their property. When the bridge reopens, only pass holders will be allowed on the island first, followed by the general public.

Passes will only be mailed to Island owners each year in early April, ahead of hurricane season. Only new landowners on the island will be allowed to obtain city hall passes. Documents attesting to the new owner will be required.

Oak Island

The town offers parking stickers as a benefit for owners, but the stickers are NOT required to re-enter the island after a storm.

If the bridges are closed, checkpoints can be set up to control the return to the island. If the amended declaration limits the return of residents, owners, property managers and contractors, the following procedures will apply:

At the checkpoint, a person in the vehicle will need to produce proof of residency (such as a valid driver’s license with an Oak Island address for the island part of town) or ownership (such as a tax or utility bill). recent public) and photo ID to access the island (names on property documents and photo ID must match).

Business owners, property managers and contractors will need to show proof of ownership and photo ID to be allowed access to the island (the names on the property documents and the ID with photo must match).

Topsail beach

The police will be located at each bridge to the island, to check re-entry decals or identity documents indicating ownership or residence.

New annual back-to-school decals are mailed to residents and landowners at the mailing address listed on their water bill. Decals issued before the current year will not be honored for the start of the school year. New residents who need a sticker should contact the town hall. If you do not have a sticker, reasonable ID will be accepted as a re-entry pass, such as a driver’s license, recent water, tax, or electricity bill showing ownership or location. local residence. In addition, there is an “Agent Authorization” form if you choose to designate someone to act on your behalf following a storm.

Surf town

Island owners are required to allow residents to return to the island if a mandatory hurricane evacuation is issued. Decals will be placed on the windshields of the cars to facilitate a more efficient re-entry process to the island. Residents can receive back-to-school decals without requesting or purchasing a resident seasonal parking pass.

You can request a back-to-school sticker online here.

Topsail Beach North

The City encourages everyone to get their passes as early as possible, preferably before the start of hurricane season. If the storm is on its way, it’s too late to get a pass. The City will not issue a pass within 72 hours of the intended landing. The passes are issued at the town hall from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Passes issued in 2019 or earlier are no longer valid. New passes were issued in 2020 and are valid until 2023. Passes are issued on a 3 year cycle

A re-entry pass may not be required each time the Town of North Topsail Beach is evacuated. Emergency responders will assess city conditions after an event, and city officials will determine when conditions are safe enough for re-entry. Three priority groups are taken into account during reintegration:

Priority group 1: Essential personnel for law enforcement, public officials, emergency medical services, fire departments, utilities and damage assessment teams.

Priority group two: Homeowners, long-term tenants and property managers eligible for a back-to-school pass.

Priority group three: Visitors and the general public, including entrepreneurs.

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