Early Retirement Of Public Employees

The early retirement of public employees is an economic type of benefit to be paid following a request to public employees who are enrolled in the Payday Loan or in any of its exclusive, supplementary or exemptive forms.


Early retirement civil servants: what the norm says

The Legislative Decree n. 201 of the two thousand and eleven, as per the resolution of the reform in the name of the former Minister Fornero, establishes the minimum limits to be able to take advantage of the early retirement of public employees (that is to say, the right to which a certain number of contribution years is earned, regardless of age) in the years 2014-2015.

Men have the right to reach the age of 42 and a half years , while women are entitled to it after 41 contribution years and a half .

Obviously not all roses and flowers because those who choose to enjoy the early retirement of public employees before they turn 60/62 years will face some penalization : the amount of the pension is reduced by 1% for each year that separates from the completion of the 62 years of age and 2% for each year that the pensioner lacks to reach the age of 60 .


Early retirement of public employees: how it is calculated

The early retirement of civil servants is calculated by taking into account the actual years of work and the periods of justified abstention, identified as follows:

  • Possible redundancy periods
  • Leave for maternity and paternity
  • Illnesses
  • Military service
  • Absences for blood donations
  • Accidents
  • Maternity

and a deduction of 4% is taken as the basis for the calculation in the case of absences related to other causes and not justified . Obviously in these latter cases it is possible to carry out the recovery of any “unjustified” absence period simply by continuing with the work to avoid reducing the amount of the pension.


Application for early retirement of public employees

Application for early retirement of public employees

The request to use this service can be submitted via the Internet by logging in with the TR Bank portal and by crediting yourself through your PIN, or by calling the “Contact Center” , or from the mobile number, for a fee. There are patronages and other intermediaries that operate with the authorization of TR Bank, thanks to which it is possible to send the application.


Early retirement civil servants: from when do I start to perceive it?

The early retirement of public employees is paid from the beginning of the month following the one in which the application was presented . It is clear that it is necessary to have completed its activity as an employee.

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