Former Doddridge County Sheriff and Magistrate Charged with Falsifying Information in 2018 Incident

WEST UNION, W.Va. – A former Doddridge County Sheriff and Magistrate has been charged with falsifying information resulting from an incident involving handgun purchases in 2018.

Michael headley

On November 2, soldiers from the Bridgeport Detachment of West Virginia State Police interviewed Michael Headley, 51, of West Union, in reference to “the misuse of Doddridge County funds” while ‘He was acting as Doddridge County sheriff, according to a criminal complaint.

During the interview, the soldiers informed Headley of documents which “appeared to be forged” concerning the purchase of seven Sig P365 pistols, a Taurus Judge revolver, a Taurus Judge holster, seven Sig P365 magazines and a box of Remington .410 ammunition in a store. in Ellenboro on Dec. 26, 2018, soldiers said.

The soldiers obtained the receipt for the purchase stating that “the transaction was paid for by check” and forms signed by Headley, which included information about the Taurus Judge revolver. However, the receipt that Headley turned into the Doddridge County Sheriff’s Department included seven Sig P365 pistols and “nothing else was included on the receipt,” according to the complaint.

The receipt also stated that “the total purchase price was the same” and that “the individual price of each pistol has been adjusted upward to make the total match the original receipt,” the soldiers said.

Around the same time as the alleged incident, Headley was part of an investigation into a former West Union mayor accused of stealing money from the town’s police department.

During the interview, Headley “provided officers with a Taurus Judge pistol” and said “he made the receipt which was turned into the Doddridge County Sheriff’s Office,” according to the complaint.

Headley has been charged with falsifying accounts, which is a felony.

Earlier this month, Kathie Titus was sworn in to replace Headley as magistrate.

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