A family member of a hit and run victim appeals for information about the accident to the victim on January 29, 2022, on a Sunday at around 11:45 p.m. at a crossroads in Jurong Town Hall Road.

The said accident occurred between a white Toyota Sienta vehicle and an elderly lady who is the mother of the woman who appeals to eyewitnesses or dash cam footage of the incident.

The vehicle had apparently not yielded the right of way to the pedestrian crossing at the discretionary right-turn junction and ended up hitting the elderly person, though not hitting her directly but hitting her in the side.

According to the woman, the driver did not stop to assist her mother but rather accelerated and traffic police are currently still investigating and trying to establish the identity of the driver of the vehicle.

For those with information, the woman greatly appreciates if they can contact her here.

Here is the woman’s message

Jan 29, 2022
11:35-11:45 p.m.

White Toyota Sienta (possibly PHV)

Hello everyone, I am reaching out to witnesses and/or camcars who have been in sight of the accident which occurred on 29th January 2022, Saturday around 11.45pm at Jurong Town Hall Road Junction.

The driver of the Toyota Sienta did not yield at the discretionary right-turn junction despite the pedestrian light being green. As a result, the car hit my mother (not a full direct impact). The driver returned no form of support, but elected to leave – Hit and Run. TP is currently in the process of tracing the owner of the car’s plate.

If anyone has any relevant information, feel free to DM me. Much appreciated for your support.

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Here is the video of the hit-and-run.

Image and video source: Charlotte Lai/Facebook, SGRV/Youtube

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