Guide writer stumbles upon New England town too scenic for human eyes

STABLETON, NH — After weaving her way down an unmarked country road past several hills and fast-flowing streams, guide writer Kara Wellington reportedly emerged on Tuesday in a New England town that was too charming to be. watched by human eyes. “My God, the rows of colonial houses with snow-capped eaves, the green of the village shaded by a majestic sugar maple, the old stone inn lit by antique gas lamps – the old-fashioned rusticity of New Brunswick. England, this mighty must never be seen! ” Wellington said as she shielded her eyes from the perfect white spire for town church postcards, tripping her back into a bronze plaque commemorating something called the Ezra Wheeler Homestead, whose overwhelming strangeness made him flee to his car. “No one can ever know the quaint, cobbled main street or the darling candy store that continues to operate as if the weather has not touched. No, such an idyllic hamlet is not to be written about, put forth as a getaway from the city. ‘a weekend or four diamond award. Mankind was not meant to contemplate such silent and timeless splendor. At press time Wellington was terrified to realize that the only way out of town was to cross a most exquisite covered bridge dating from 1831.

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