In the former town of Lyme Regis, a new development aimed at being a cut above

At Lyme Regis, a new development called Woodberry Copse promises high quality homes in one of England’s most captivating coastal towns.

Is there a British city with a more evocative name than Lyme Regis? The very sound of the place conjures up images of one of our most irresistible coastal towns, with jumbled streets lined with quirky shops and charming cafes, winding to the medieval port and fossil-strewn beach. below.

The city rose to fame in literature and film – memorable appearing in Jane Austen Persuasion and that of John Fowles The wife of the French lieutenant – but its fame is not a new phenomenon. Lyme Regis has been a hugely important city on the south coast for a thousand years, mentioned in the Domesday Book. Even its royal charter is ancient, having been first granted by Edward I, Longshanks giving the city its seal of approval in 1284.

While these associations easily spring to mind when one thinks of the city, however, what doesn’t come naturally is the idea of ​​new homes being built in this old and picturesque location. Yet that’s exactly what a developer, Bloor Homes, made with Woods grove.

Sunrise over the Jurassic Coast from The Cobb, Lyme Regis, Dorset

In years past, new construction developments have too often involved rows of identity houses erected quickly and cheaply without much regard for the environment in which they are found. Fortunately, things are changing and Bloor has gone to great lengths to make sure these new homes beautify the city rather than detract from its charms.

These efforts begin with the setting itself: The trees that gave Woodberry Copse its name have been conserved wherever possible, and new trees have also been planted on the six-acre development. Then there’s the architecture, which nods to the Arts and Crafts movement in the lines and proportions of the various four- and five-bedroom homes available.

Woodberry Copse / Bloor Houses

While the homes are based on a variety of standard floor plans, there are individual touches inside and out – and particularly inside, the homes are on top of that as well. what you might expect: high ceilings, well-proportioned rooms filled with light and very high quality fixtures and fittings. Symphony kitchens are equipped, while Roca sanitary ware is used in the bathrooms.

Being a new build, of course, part of the charm is that you can specify exactly what you want and where, room by room. Bloor even allows buyers to tour their new home before it is completed, to make sure things are the way they want them to be. This is an incredibly sensible idea that we can imagine being very important in avoiding disappointment when you collect the keys because buyers will know they are happy with everything from rugs and kitchen tiles to the shelves in the ventilation cupboard. .

Woodberry Copse / Bloor Houses

All of the usual benefits of buying a new home also apply. You know, for example, that the place will be spotless when you move in. And you also know that you will be greeted warmly and friendly by the neighbors: after all, the very fact that you have all moved in the same place at the same time gives you something major in common. The sense of community at Woodberry Copse, we are told, is already developing beautifully.

The usual shopping headaches are also eased by the developers. Bloor offers a variety of programs to make the process easier, including a partial exchange option for those who have had trouble finding a buyer for their existing property. You’ll also get the usual NHBC 10-year warranty in the event of a construction issue. As charming as the downtown properties are, none of them could hope to compete with that kind of peace of mind.

Woodberry Copse / Bloor Houses

Speaking of downtown, Lyme Regis’ sheer compactness means that even on a new development, you’re still not far from doctors, shops, and schools – including the Woodroffe School, recently rated “Outstanding” by Oftsed. And for more entertaining options, Woodberry Copse is just over a mile from the harbor, making it an easy walk, whether you’re looking to go to the old-fashioned cinema, to one charming Dorset pubs or take a stroll along the beautiful beach in search of fossils on the Jurassic Coast.

Four- and five-bedroom homes at Bloor’s Woodberry Copse development start from £ 449,950 – see more photos and details.

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