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Collab Crib from Atlanta featured in the Disney + series:

The first five episodes of the second season of the hit series “The world according to Jeff Goldblum” dropped this month on Disney + – and the Atlanta Metro is well represented in one of them.

The Emmy-nominated series stars acclaimed actor Jeff Goldblum exploring a different subject in each installment; the first season episodes included “Ice Cream”, “BBQ” and “Bikes”. This formula continues in the second season and the episode titled “Dance” features several talented artists from the Atlanta metro.

The dancers of Cradle of collaboration, a unique concept in which black content creators work together in what has been called a “TikTok House”, in other words, a creative hub for those who produce cutting edge social media content.

“Collab Crib is a content creation house. So we create content as a collective group, ”says O’Neil Rowe.

Another member, Tray Bills, adds: “We create all types of content… TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube.”

The artists and dancers of the Collab Crib are really paving the way for the future of social media and entertainment – something Jeff Goldblum learns when he teaches a routine in the episode.

“It put us in another realm of opportunity,” says Keith Dorsey, director and co-founder of Collab Crib. “All of his fans have become our fanbase. And that’s what it is about, being able to get that exposure on that level other than social media.”

Of course, we also wanted to learn more about Collab Crib and see the exciting dance breakthroughs that take place there, which is why we spent time with the creators at Good Day Atlanta! Click on the video player to check it out!

Home is where the heart is in Atlanta’s movie “India Sweets and Spices”:

The new comedy “Sweets and spices from India” was filmed here in the Atlanta metro area, but is set in the upper crust community of Ruby Hill, New Jersey. It’s a city where foreigners are treated like foreigners, and insiders always play by the rules.

For writer-director Geeta Malik, Ruby Hill is a very real place.

“The idea came from my own childhood,” says Malik. “I grew up in Aurora, Colorado, in sort of an island Indian community. And my mom called these parties ‘Desi therapy,’ which, Desi is someone from your homeland. So everyone got together. and ate his own food and had our own clothes and we would feel very warm and comforted in this community. But as I got older I realized that there was also a lot of backbiting and gossip; there was a lot of drama in it. behind the scenes.

The drama in India Sweets and Spices begins when college student Alia – played by Sophia Ali – returns to Ruby Hill for the summer. Romance blossoms, family secrets are revealed, and Alia must balance her own independence with her family’s expectations.

“I identify with Alia in many ways for this reason,” says Ali. “She’s obviously that rebellious character, especially in her family. That’s kind of how people see her. And I’ve always felt that way all my life, you know? I wanted to be an actor!”

Still, whatever domestic drama unfolds onscreen, Malik says there was none behind the camera, thanks to a smooth filming experience in so-called “Southern Hollywood.”

“I loved Atlanta. I had a blast when I was there,” says Malik. “The talent pool was so big, there were amazing supporting actors that we got from the city, and it was just a really movie-friendly city. Everyone was incredibly knowledgeable and incredibly engaged. so loved filming in Atlanta. Would be back in a heartbeat. “

India Sweets and Spices opens in select theaters Friday, November 19, including the Springs Cinema & Taphouse in Sandy Springs. Click on here for more information on the film.

Last unmasking of “The Masked Singer”: Unmasked Caterpiller contestant aka Bobby Berk, the Emmy-nominated host of “Queer Eye”, joins Good Day with more information on this week’s big episode. For more information on “The Masked Singer,” which airs right here on FOX 5 on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Click here.

Hosea Helps Announces Thanksgiving Turkey Handout:

Elisabeth Omilami, CEO of Hosea Helps and daughter of U.S. civil rights leader Hosea Williams, joins Good Day to talk about the annual event which takes place a week earlier this year. The Thanksgiving drive-through food distribution will take place on November 19, 2021 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Blue Lot across from Building C of the Georgia World Congress Center off Northside Drive, entering Maple Street.

Families should register for the Thanksgiving Food Distribution on the Hosea Helps website to receive groceries and supplies before the event. For more information on Hosea Helps, Click here, or follow us on social media @ 4Hosea.

Celebrity Chef Stuart O’Keeffe and Actress Amy Phillips discuss the recipes and menus they’ve created inspired by moments from the “Real Housewives” franchise:

Some of the most famous moments in the Real Housewives franchise take place at dinner parties and this inspired celebrity chef Stuart O’Keeffee and comedian Amy Phillips to create a parody cookbook. The name of the book is “COOK IT, SPILL IT, THROW IT: The Not-So-Real Housewives Parody Cookbook, ” they talk to Good Day Atlanta’s Natalie Fultz about the recipes and the story behind the book.
For more information Click here.

Popular food blogger Erica Key from the “Eating With Erica” ​​blog joins us in talking about things to do while friends and family are in town after Thanksgiving: Check out the list of family fun places around Atlanta below. For more information on Erica Key, follow her on social media @EatingwithErica.

  • ATL Holiday Lights. For more information Click here.
  • 5 Virtue on the roof of the church. For more information Click here.
  • Skate in the plaza at Colony Square. For more information Click here.
  • The Park Tavern ice rink. For more information Click here..
  • Vacation in the park at Six Flags. For more information Click here.
  • The roof at the Ponce City market. For more information Click here.

Local pastry chef Shirley Hughes from Sweet Cheats Bakery joins us for a lesson on how to make Thanksgiving-inspired cake pops at home: For more information Click here.

PAWS Atlanta Animal of the Day: For more information on how you can adopt today’s pet Click here.

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