Is it worth buying a car?

You may have wondered if it’s really worth having a car. It is a fact that taking into consideration the convenience and practicality the answer with certainty is affirmative, however, it is necessary to consider all the charges that the acquisition of a car can bring. With that in mind, we’ve put together a few things to look at that will help you figure out the real cost of owning a car and if that’s a good fit for you. See for a write-up

– Devaluation

- Devaluation

From the moment you are removed from the dealership, your car already suffers a price drop, regardless of how many miles it runs, your car is already considered used.

– Taxes

- Taxes

All cars are taxed, such as IPVA, DPVAT licensing, for example. Not to mention the high fees charged if you wanted to transfer your car to someone else.

– Maintenance

- Maintenance

It is no news that after a while on the road your car will need a maintenance to be in perfect conditions of use. Consider tire costs, oil change, overhaul, cleaning products, etc.

– Fuel

- Fuel

No doubt you want to get a car to get around, and for that you need to have money every month to spend on the fuel. Take into account the high fuel prices.

– Collisions and fines

Although we do not want that no evil happens to us, it is inevitable that some accident or “error” can happen. So your pocket needs to be prepared.

– Parking lots

- Parking lots

We are not always lucky enough to find a wanderer in parking lots, or the price may be too high for you. The alternative is to leave it on the street, however we often have to pay for the flannelinhas and blue area.

– Idle time not used

Depending on where you live, leaving the car stuck in your car may have a salty price. Did you know that on average the car 96% of the time stopped?

Now that you are more aware, think about whether acquiring a car is even what you want and especially if your budget can cover all expenses. Maybe it would even be cheaper to use a taxi, for example.

On the other hand, although the article sends an analysis on the expenses, it is worth remembering that car is not only loss, after all, many people make money with the car itself. So, examine the advantages and disadvantages and see what is best for you.

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