Leamington Old Town Team launches Old Town Guide

The Leamington Old Town Team, a group representing businesses and retailers in the older part of Leamington, will be launching a new Old Town guidebook for visitors next month.

From October, the new guide will be distributed in order to highlight the many independent businesses in the most historic district of the city.

Leamington Old Town has 200 stores, 500 businesses and is an area of ​​rapid regeneration. The area is half of Leamington’s mile-long shopping center, but the team behind the new guide think most of Leamington’s brochures ignore it.

They say, “Leamington Old Town is an area of ​​Leamington that is often missed in local advertising because it is outside the BID area.

“We think it’s unfair, so we’ve created our own guide to rebalance that.”

The new guide – titled The Junction – is aimed at all audiences, but will be specifically given to students moving to the area to help them make the most of local businesses and amenities. It will be available in several locations in Leamington and Warwickshire and is recognizable by its large pink heart-shaped logo and street art themes.

The Leamington Old Town Guide team continued: “Due to the success of the Portas Project, the group believes it is more important than ever to let people know what is available.

Jay Nagra, Executive Member, said: “Many new vegan cafes, restaurants and outlets have opened since Project Portas began, and there is now a vibrant cafe and sidewalk culture evolving on Clemens Street and Regent Place, which is ideal for the creative workers and students who live and work in the old town.

You can blog and tweet about The Junction and Leamington Old Town on Twitter using the hashtag #thejunction.

Creative design and marketing gurus Sally and Antonia, who helped design the guide, said, “We were very happy to be part of the creation of this guide and we are extremely happy with the end result.

“It dramatically highlights the many different aspects of the Old Town – from practical and advice-based businesses to global food zones, the many places specializing in art, recycling, creation and the art of crafting. region as well as a thriving coffee culture. “

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