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The Charlestown City-Wide Survey was launched to identify the current level of residents’ satisfaction with all aspects of municipal government and local amenities. Previously, the city relied on responses to a recreation survey conducted almost two decades ago. This new survey expanded the information available to city administrators and elected officials to include a more holistic assessment of aspects of life in Charlestown. Information from the survey can be used to plan short-term decisions. Guidelines promulgated by the American Planning Association encourage the updating of town planning plans on a regular cycle. Charlestown now has enough information to meet the short-term satisfaction of its residents.

Because there was an estimated $ 3.5 million over budget, Charlestown officials decided to lower the tax rate, pay off its debts, and undertake a survey of its residents. All three decisions resulted in a stronger financial position for the city and gathered a wealth of information on the direction the city has taken since 2010. I imagine people will try to slice the results by age, gender, status. geographic, property. status, work status and other types of census statistical analysis. However, as Tom Gentz ​​pointed out in his November 30 letter to the editor, the results were overwhelmingly in favor of staying on the city’s current course. Thus, slicing and slicing would become a purely academic exercise.

Michael chambers


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