Maryport’s mother asks for any information about her missing son

A BROKEN HEART mother from Maryport has appealed for her son to come home after he disappeared from town last week.

Glenn Jackson was last seen in the High Street area of ​​Maryport a week ago today, Saturday May 21.

Glenn is described as being of medium build, has a southern accent, and brown hair.

Her mother, Jackie Ostle, said Glenn also assisted her as a carer.

Describing her son, she said: “He’s also my carer, I’m in the severely disabled category and Glenn comes to see me almost every day and does things for me.

“He takes my dog ​​for a walk, gets me up and moving too because I’m running out of energy and things because I’m losing energy and things.

“I’m sitting here doing tablets now, couldn’t cope with it.”

Jackie has an extremely close relationship with her son, who usually visits her daily. She described Glenn as “keeping her alive”.

She said: “He never answers, he’s like a badass except with me you know. Someone will call him when he’s with me and he’ll say no I’m with my mum.

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“I have caregivers who come up to me in the morning and everything, but he comes and does all the things, he really keeps me going.”

The mum says the family now fear Glenn may have gotten into trouble near the water if he tried to walk back on the coastal paths.

She said, “We tried everywhere, the thing we fear now is water.”

Over the past week, many people from around Maryport have come out to try to help police search for the missing 45-year-old.

Jackie appealed to anyone with information, no matter how important they think it may be to the investigation.

She said: “If he’s out there we just want to know he’s safe, I don’t think (that he disappeared on his own) is a possibility although he’s doting on his girlfriend, so I don’t think that’s really an option.”

“If anyone knows anything, anything, please contact me or call the police and let them know.”

Anyone with information should contact police on 101. Officers would also like to urge Glenn to contact that number if he sees this call.

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