Monadnock Ledger-Transcript – Voters in Lyndeborough say more info needed on ambulance move

Monadnock Ledger – Transcript

Posted: 03/13/2022 07:59:53

Modified: 03/13/2022 07:59:40

Municipal Assembly voters rejected a section that would have ordered the Lyndeborough Select Board to approve the Wilton ambulance move, calling for more information before backing the plan.

Moderator Walter Holland said that due to the incoming snowy weather, voters picked up the last item on the mandate – the relocation of the ambulance – immediately after the budget, to ensure that ambulance stakeholders can be there and contribute to the discussion.

Holland said voters spent about 10 minutes on the city’s $2.4 million budget before passing it, and more than an hour on the ambulance discussion, noting that it was to far the most controversial issue discussed on Saturday.

Wilton Ambulance, which serves both Lyndeborough and Greenfield, has offered to move the ambulance service from its current location at 404 Forest Road to combine with Wilton Fire Station. The move solves the life safety issues with the current building, while placing it further in the center of Wilton’s population center, but at the same time the response time in the Lyndeborough and Greenfield areas would be further away by approx. five minutes.

Response time was a key issue for some voters, Holland said, and residents in general said they didn’t have enough information about the pros and cons to make a decision on the issue. No changes were made to the article, Holland said, but several constituents asked the council to continue to explore the issue in more depth and provide additional information on cost savings, benefits and impacts on response times.

After the ambulance talk, voters quickly ran through the rest of the term, most of which were requests to add to capital reserves.

“There was little to no discussion and we were out a little before noon,” Holland said of passing the rest of the terms of reference.

Only one article asked for the purchase of a vehicle using capital reserve funds this year – the purchase of a one-ton truck for highway service. Voters agreed to use $77,000 of the city’s capital reserves, raised in previous years for this purpose, to replace the 2016 truck and sell the old vehicle.

The city also agreed to change the one-ton capital reserve target for 2016 trucks to begin saving for the eventual replacement of the new vehicle. The name and purpose of the account has been changed to 2022 One-Ton Truck Capital Reserve Fund Repair and Replacement. To change the purpose of a capital reserve account, a two-thirds majority is required . Holland said the count was done by a show of hands, but it was unanimous, 43-0 in favor.

Voters approved nine capital reserve requests for future replacement of city vehicles: $18,000 for the 2020 dump truck replacement, $22,500 for the 2008 backhoe replacement, $10,000 for bridge replacement, $21,000 for 2018 dump truck replacement, $21,000 for backhoe/loader replacement, $11,000 for 2016 mid-size dump truck replacement, $8,000 for replacement of the one-ton truck in 2016, $10,000 for fire equipment, $31,000 for the replacement of the fire department’s pumper in 2005 and $26,000 for the replacement of the fire department’s pumper. fire department in 1994.

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