Neighbors in Mabel Street, Westhoughton, furious after the street was omitted from the city guide

THE NEIGHBORS were shocked to find their street was missing from the new Westhoughton Town Guide.

The document was released to residents recently, but his map had missed several side streets and avenues near Daisy Hill station, including Mabel Street, Hunt’s Bank, Pine Grove, and Chestnut Drive – and some Mabel Street residents were not satisfied. of the omission.

In a letter to The Bolton News, Victoria Powlton-Jones, 45, said: “It is with great interest as we flip through the new Westhoughton City Guide for 2017-2019 my husband and I have noticed that our street where we live has been completely omitted from the city map.

“Mabel Street should appear on the Leigh Road map just before Daisy Hill station. Does this omission mean we are not liable for council tax?

“Or maybe this explains the reason for the council’s lack of interest in road and pavement repairs and the appalling parking situations we find ourselves in every day with the train station overflowing. . ”

Ms Powlton-Jones later told the Bolton News that she had watched the guidebook at least half a dozen times and could not spot Mabel Street anywhere.

She added: “It comes right on top of everything else – the street is an absolute mess, including the sidewalks.

“We’re right next to Daisy Hill station and we have people here double parking in the lane. It’s a nightmare to get out.”

Roanna Kaleni, also from Mabel Street, called the omission “disturbing” and said it made her feel “insignificant”.

She said: “I obviously think the people who made the map should know that there is a Mabel Street.

“It’s actually a main street because a lot of people park here for the train station. We can’t even park our car because it’s so crowded.”

Cllr Ryan Battersby, Deputy Head of Westhoughton City Council, said: “This is just a representative example of where the places of interest are. If we were to put every street there it would be way too small to fit. distinguish all of the streets.

“It’s meant to be a representation rather than a detailed map.”

The guide was delivered to all addresses in Westhoughton.

It will soon be available for free for people to pick up from locations, including City Hall.

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