New England’s Cutest Small Town Is About To Become The Most Inconvenient Day Trip Your Wife Has Ever Planned – The Boston Accent

Away from the hustle and bustle of Boston and Providence – 60 minutes from the nearest freeway to be exact – you will find the quaint town of Littlebridgeham, MA. You’re going to want to know about this popular tourist spot because your wife is already scribbling it down for the only free weekend you’ve had since last spring. This little hidden gem just off Lake Wannaleavenow has only 400 residents, but surprisingly there is absolutely no parking space.

While you’re there you must visit the Littlebridgeham Trading Post, a country store specializing in homemade jams, sweets and wooden statues of Native Americans which certainly shouldn’t be on display today. The store owner doesn’t care what you think about it and will call you a woke city dweller if you mention it.

Be sure to plan your trip well in advance, as the changing trading post hours almost certainly mean it will be closed when you get here. But don’t be afraid! There will be a local octogenarian reading the newspaper who tells you it’s closed after you’ve already shot the locked door.

You should also be sure to visit Little Mama Granny for her famous pear cider donuts. Be warned though, as she only does 11 trips a week and when they run out your wife will immediately start planning a second trip as this one was “a little disappointing”.

A final tip: to experience all that Littlebridgeham has to offer, consider coming during the annual Bar Fest. The unique event isn’t a drinking celebration, but rather the weekend of the year when your phone will have enough bars to pick up any signal. Bar Fest dates change every year, as it is tradition in Littlebridgeham to hold the event only during the coldest and snowiest week of the year.

Join us next week on Chronicle as we explore a legendary roast beef sandwich stop in Peabody that regulars like to call “the best slop shop on North Shore.”

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