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Voters have until noon Saturday, October 8 to return their ballots. Voters should return completed ballots in the Freepost return envelope provided – either by post or in one of our specially marked ballot boxes.

We provide ballot boxes in all supermarkets in Wellington, the Council Library and several other locations and they are all on one handy map with a list of locations making voting even more accessible than before.

Deputy Electoral Officer for the City of Wellington, Jennifer Parker, recommends not voting until the last minute – and better understanding how the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system works.

“Local elections are really important as the Council oversees around 500 services and facilities which play a huge role in our daily lives, so it is important to do our due diligence and ensure we elect the right candidates for the job. .

“Wellington City Council is one of fifteen local authorities that use the STV system to elect their mayor and councillors, and it’s a good idea to get to know how it works as it can significantly influence the outcome.

“And above all, don’t forget to vote!

Under STV, voters rank their favorite candidates by placing a “1” in the box next to the candidate they most prefer, a “2” next to the candidate they most prefer next, and so on. You can rank as many or as few candidates as you want – you don’t have to rank them all. A detailed explanation of how the STV works is available at

Wellingtonians will also be asked to vote for candidates for the Greater Wellington Regional Council. Voters in Tawa and Mākara-Ōhāriu will also be asked to vote for members of their community councils.

If you are voting by mail, the last day to cast your ballots is Tuesday, October 4. And if you’re going out of town during the school holidays, consider voting before you go or taking the papers with you to post.

You can vote in one of our specially marked ballot boxes until voting closes at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 8.

If you have not received ballots by Thursday, September 22, you will need to cast a special ballot in the election. If your ballots are damaged or mutilated, or if your name was entered on the voters list after August 12, a special vote will also be required.

To request a special vote, visit the Te Pokapū Hapori Community Center at 107 Manners Street starting today and starting Monday, October 3 JOhnsonville (Waitohi), Karori, Newtown and Ruth Gotleib (Kilbirnie) libraries will provide the service. You may also receive a special vote at these locations Find your nearest library and its opening hours .


From Friday 16 September: voting materials displayed

Friday, September 16: vVoting center opens at Te Pokapū Hapori Community Center, 107 Manners Street, with special voting available

Monday, October 3: aopening of additional voting centers in Johnsonville (Waitohi), Karori, Newtown and Ruth Gotlieb (Kilbirnie) libraries

Saturday October 8: voting closes at 12 p.m.


Saturday October 8: preliminary results

Thursday 13 – Wednesday 19 October: final results


Friday 14 – Thursday 20 October: elected officials take office (the day after the notification of the final results)

Wednesday October 26: inauguration and swearing-in of mayor and councilor

For more information visit our elections section.

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