November 06: Bean festival in a brazier pot + Visit of the old town + Peaceful walk in nature

Highlights of this trip:
1. Brazier pot bean feast: one brazier pot + four small hot pots + 12 traditional Chinese cold dishes + 2 traditional Chinese hot dishes + 10 traditional Chinese staples;
2. Visit the village of Willow-Valley: you can still see traditional Chinese houses, ancient trees and old town walls;
3. Peaceful walk in the fields around the village of Willow-Valley;
4. Visit the ancient city of eternal peace;
5. Awesome views for photographers;
6. Fit for the family with kids;
7. Small group of maximum 15 travelers. The group usually has 6 to 12 travelers.

Brief Introduction of Brazier Potted Bean Feast:
The brazier is the ancient heating utensil for warming up in rural northern China in winter. During the winter seasons, release a pot of cabbage, tofu and bacon, it’s called a “brazier pot”.

The inhabitants of Willow-Valley Village developed traditional pot tofu based on the “brazier pot” to make the effect of soybean which is good for beauty, black bean tofu to nourish the kidneys and tofu. with green beans for the prevention of sunstroke. Willow-Valley Village is well known for its “Phoenix-brazier Potted Bean Feast”. Its main characteristics are most vegetarian dishes with a little fat and oil. Otherwise, there are four more casseroles, many vegetable dishes, and many types of staple foods. It means that your life is auspicious, that you are safe in all four seasons, that you have a peaceful life.

Travel time : 2021-11-06 (Saturday)
Appointment hour: 8h00
Meeting place: Line 2 Dongsishitiao Subway Station C Exit / Line 10 Tuanjiehu Subway Station Exit B
Difficulty level : Level 2
Price: 400RMB (It includes transportation, entrance fees, water, lunch and guides.)

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