Opening of an international festival in the ancient city of Longquan in Shijiazhuang, China

BEIJING – The 2021 Shijiazhuang International Festival opened in the ancient Longquan City of Shijiazhuang, an archetypal Chinese city and the provincial capital of Hebei, China, to promote and develop the local economy through local drinks, food and artistic performances.

The colorful event organized by Shijiazhuang Municipal Government, Municipal Commerce Bureau and Luquan District attracted a large number of visitors. The event scene, a magnificent dance performance, jumping notes, a wonderful one-by-one program and a fusion of high-tech shadows and lights won the audience a warm applause.

The tourists enjoyed all kinds of barbecues, seafood, special snacks in addition to an interactive immersive film experience launched at the same time in the old town of Longquan.

Since the start of the economic construction on the eve of the Chinese New Year, with the strong support of the municipal committee and the municipal government, the office of the steering group for the construction of municipal economic construction has coordinated the organization of the member units, in planning and actively taking the initiative closely around night shopping, food, entertainment, reading and sightseeing etc.

Holding the festival is an important part of our city’s nighttime economic construction work this year. The event will continue until the end of August in order to meet the quality of the consumer experience of the large number of tourists.

Visitors will also enjoy the special culinary culture of different countries and regions. This festival is an important measure for the city of Shijiazhuang to build and improve the quality vitality of the city. It promotes the development of high-quality economic and social products, and plays an important role in promoting the night-time economic consumption of Shijiazhuang to improve the quality and efficiency and comprehensively promote the economic and social development of the city.

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