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Cinekorn Entertainment, Indian Cinephile and Aminor Creation Pvt. ltd. Oh 3 Din (AU) is the story of a stranger and a pedicab driver.

Rambharose (Sanjay Mishra) is a bicycle rickshaw driver who is short on money. He has a loan to repay and has also promised the principal of his daughter’s university that he will pay the fees within a month. A stranger, Sanjay Mishra (Chandan Roy Sanyal), comes to Rambharose town and asks her to be with him for three days and take him to places he desires. Sanjay Mishra promises to pay Rambharose Rs. 1,000 per day. However, Sanjay Mishra disappears on the last day.

Rambharose complains to the police. Police Inspector Dayanand (Rajesh Sharma) asks Rambharose to take him to all the places he had been with Mishra. What happens next? Has Mishra been found? Did Mishra give Rambharose the Rs. 3,000 he promised? What about the balance of money Rambharose needs?

Seepi Jha’s story is stupid and doesn’t make much sense. Jha’s storyline fails to engage viewers as it is as ridiculous as the story. The police inspector asking Rambharose to roam him around just like he did with Sanjay Mishra seems rather bizarre. Equally strange is Mishra’s story about impersonating a stranger. Overall, the drama is incredibly weak. Except for a bit of entertaining comedy, there isn’t much else to the script. The dialogues, written by Seepi Jha, Sanjay Mishra and Chandan Roy Sanyal, are ordinary.

Sanjay Mishra ably plays the role of Rambharose. Chandan Roy Sanyal is good like Sanjay Mishra but he overdoes it in some places. Rajesh Sharma is not very impressive as Police Inspector Dayanand. Purva Parag (as Rambharose’s wife), Sneha Singh (as Rambharose’s daughter, Rani), Rakesh Srivastava (as Bholu, Rambharose’s friend) and Parnima Chandok (as Rani’s friend, Neelam ) provide equitable support.

Raaj Aashoo’s management is below the mark. The music (by Raaj Aashoo and Mohit Chauhan) is quite decent. The lyrics (Pancham Singh, Seepi Jha and Prarthana Gahilote) are so-so. Anmol Daniel’s background music is functional. The camera work (by Jigar Khan) is average. Sandhya Sharma’s artistic direction is banal. Amit Aanand’s editing leaves something to be desired.

Generally, Oh 3 Din is a disastrous tariff.

Released 30-9-’22 at Glamor (1 show daily) and other cinemas in Bombay via White Lion Entertainment. Publicity & vernissage: mediocre. …….Also published everywhere.

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