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Headmistress (Ag) of Steer Town Elementary, Junior and Secondary School in St. Ann, Jacqueline Mullings, said the resumption of the face-to-face was going well with no major issues to report.

Speaking to JIS News on Tuesday, November 9, Ms Mullings said the infant department (ages 4-5) reopened with 27 students coming out on Monday (November 8) and 30 Tuesday (November 9) out of a population of 47. .

“Although this is in its early stages, we are already seeing an increase,” Ms. Mullings noted. “The kids are excited… our teachers are excited… excited about it all… and everyone is just happy to be back.”

Steer Town Elementary, Secondary and Nursery School Principal (Ag) Jacqueline Mullings (center), seen here with teacher Charmaine Bailey (left) and babysitter Karine Christie, interacting with students at the nursery school on the school premises on Tuesday, November 9). Photo: Garwin Davis

Ms Mullings added that while it will take some time to fully acclimate to the realities of face-to-face lessons after a hiatus of almost 20 months, students, based on “what we have seen so far. now, ”seemed eager to get back to basics, happy to be physically back with their peers as well as interacting with their teachers.

She further noted that the school has a very good support system and that the teachers are ready to go the extra mile to ensure that Steer Town Primary, Secondary and Child School can return to normal. as quickly as possible, paving the way for other departments to also resume face-to-face lessons.

“Even though we’ve been out since March of last year, it seems longer,” she added. “These are the formative years… very important years. If those years aren’t captured and captured well, then we’re going to have gaps, and that’s definitely something we don’t want ”.

Steer Town Elementary, Junior and Secondary School Principal (Ag) Jacqueline Mullings (left), seen here interacting with preschool students on Tuesday 9 November. Photo: Garwin Davis

Ms Mullings also noted that students were taking online classes while away from class, grateful to parents for being very helpful and for making the transition a little easier for teachers.

She said even those who didn’t have smartphones and other electronic devices were helped by teachers who went to communities to give students materials and prepare lessons, making sure they were well equipped. to follow their schoolwork.

Principal (Ag) added that great attention is paid to health and safety guidelines where social distancing and wearing masks are mandatory and there is also special attention to how students interact with each other. others.

“We must always be aware that there is still a COVID-19 pandemic and that we have a responsibility to staff and students,” she said. “We’re talking about our babies here. We need to do everything we can to follow best practices and make sure we lead by example. “

Steer Town Elementary, Junior and Secondary School Principal (Ag) Jacqueline Mullings (left) interacts with preschool students on Tuesday, November 9. Photo: Garwin Davis

In the meantime, Steer Town resident and parent Melonie Simpson said she was happy the school has reopened, noting that “it is a symbol of hope for Steer Town and neighboring communities.”

“We are all in the same boat,” she said JIS News. “The early childhood department has reopened but we hope that the primary and secondary sections will be open soon. I have three children who go there in all the departments and it would be a big break for me as well as for them ”.

The gradual reopening of schools has started for the 2021/2022 school year with 248 of 376 primary and kindergartens in the seven regions approved for reopening.

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