SIT begins investigation into Nagaland shooting, seeks information from the general public

A Nagaland government-formed Special Investigation Team (SIT) has started its investigation into the murder of 14 civilians in Mon district of the state.

SIT has asked anyone with information about the unfortunate incident to contact them.

In a press release, Nagaland police said that in connection with the Oting murder in the Mon district of Nagaland on December 4, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) asked anyone with information about the unfortunate incident to contact the SIT.

“Anyone having primary source photos, videos, suspicious activity or any other information related to the incident in the original not transmitted (secondary source), may share them in the interest of the police investigation”, indicates the press release.

According to SP (crime) and PRO Nagaland Police press release Manoj Kumar, information may be shared by phone call or WhatsApp message at + 91-6009803048 or by email at [email protected] and the Identity of the informant will be kept confidential upon request.

“The original audio / video / recorded document would be collected from the source after following proper legal procedures,” the statement said.

The Oting incident occurred on December 4 after a seemingly botched operation by 21 Indian Army para-commandos, and later recognized as “a mistaken identity»By the Union Minister of the Interior in Parliament.

A total of 13 civilians died and many were injured in the shooting by security forces in Oting, while another civilian was killed and many more injured in the chain of events that followed in Mon Town on December 5. .

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