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The people of Culver may see a different kind of art project in town.

Debbie Palmer made a request to members of Culver City Council on Tuesday night about painting a mural on a city storm drain. She said she plans to get a grant for the project which will be completed in 2022, if it gets funds.

Palmer noted that the paint would last from six months to a year and would be electrically washed off when it began to show wear. She has been in contact with Heartland Artists to get ideas on the project.

She asked the council where they would prefer a location for the project. She suggested by Culver Town Park or downtown. Since a decision does not need to be made immediately, she will coordinate a location with Utility Superintendent Bob Porter.

City Manager Ginny Bess Munroe said the project would be part of the concept of including more arts and culture in Culver, as determined at a recent economic summit.

The board agreed to allow Palmer to go ahead with its grant application for the project. If she is rewarded, she will come back to the board with suggestions for murals. Residents will have a say in the final selection of the mural.

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