Story Of Seasons: Olive Town Pioneers

As you begin your new life in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, there is plenty to discover and explore. As you visit the Olive Town Museum, you’ll find that you can contribute to a range of exhibits, donating photos of wildlife, fish, and even treasures.

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Before you can donate treasures to the museum, you must first find some in the form of various “items” that can be appraised by Reina. However, these special items are not guaranteed to contain treasure, so it may take you some time to fill your museum exhibit. Here’s everything you need to know about treasure valuations.

Updated April 13, 2021: We’ve now included a complete list of every treasure available in Pioneers of Olive Town and how to get them so you can better identify which treasures you are missing in order to fully complete your museum exhibit.

Where to find valuation items and treasures

There are different ways to get items to evaluate: defeating baddies found in mines, draining ponds, or draining lakes. Once a pond or lake is completely emptied, a treasure chest will appear for you to claim.

The villains

Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town Hitting Villains Story

Villains are mole-like creatures that appear from the ground in mines. Hitting them with your hammer until their health is completely depleted will cause them to drop items, which can potentially be appraisal items. There are three different types of villains in the game: brown, white, and black. Their HP and attack damage change from brown to white and from white to black.


Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town draining a pond

Ponds regularly appear on your farm and can be emptied to uncover treasures, which will get items to appraise. Then you can beat empty ponds with a hammer to make them disappear.

some lakes

History of the pioneers of the seasons of Olive Town draining the ancient lake

There are two lakes on your farm, one in the second agricultural zone and one in the third agricultural zone. There is also an additional Secret Lake that you can unlock – the Old Lake.

It’s almost impossible to empty them with buckets, so instead you’ll want to use suction pumps. The recipe for this is unlocked at Drainage Level 5, and then you will need to craft Refined Coal to fuel it. Draining lakes can take several days, but you can reduce this time by using more than one vacuum pump at the same time.

Once a lake is completely emptied, wait for it to fill with fresh water for several days, then it can be emptied again to get new assessment items.

Treasures that don’t need to be valued

History of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town Sprite Shop

Some treasures do not need to be valued but can be donated immediately to the museum. These can be found by draining puddles, purchased from the Sprite Shop (stock spins), obtained by fishing, or are sometimes donated by the Journey Sprite.

Different types of evaluation objects

Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town Shining item

There are three different types of evaluation items: time-worn item, heavy item, and shiny item. Here’s where to get them:

Worn object

  • Obtained by beating the brown baddies in the first and second mine
  • Obtained by draining small ponds in the first, second and third agricultural areas
  • Obtained by draining lakes in the second and third agricultural zones

Heavy object

  • Obtained by beating the white baddies in the third mine (floors 1-29)
  • Obtained by draining small ponds in the second and third agricultural zones
  • Obtained by draining lakes in the second and third agricultural zones

Shiny object

  • Obtained by beating black baddies in the third mine (floors 31-49)
  • Obtained by draining the old lake

Museum evaluations

History of the Pioneers of the Seasons of Olive Town Get a review from Reina

Once you have an item that can be appraised, you need to speak to Reina at the museum and request an appraisal. The museum is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is open every day except Thursday.

Items do not guarantee treasure, but can instead be a random item such as cloth, wood, ingots, or even jewelry. The rarer the appraisal item, the rarer the item you might get from the appraisal.

If an item is rated as treasure, you can choose to donate it to the museum by talking to Gloria to Reina’s left. You only need one of each treasure for the exhibit, so all duplicates can be sold.

After getting a treasure, you can also have a replica made by talking to Beth right inside the museum door.

Complete list of treasures

History of the Olive Town Seasons Pioneer Treasure Exhibit in the Museum

In total, 30 treasures can be discovered, most of which will come from the expertise of the various items obtained from the bad guys or from the lakes and puddles that are drying up. However, some treasures can only be obtained by other methods.

Here is the full list of each treasure and how to get it.

Obtained from a time-worn item

Obtained from a heavy item

  • Amber
  • Antique accessory
  • Antique decoration
  • Ancient monument
  • Crystallized amber
  • Desert rose
  • Gabaon Stone
  • Golden Horn
  • Okenitis
  • Shiny Trophy Buckle
  • Worn fan
  • Worn parchment
  • Worn compass
  • Map worn by time

Obtained from a shiny item

  • Ancient Black Tome
  • Ancient insect fossil
  • Ancient white tome
  • Dinosaur fossil
  • Glass slipper
  • Pierre Parasite

Obtained from fishing

  • Ancient shell fossil: From the pond found in the third mine with a golden fishing rod or better.
  • Antique mirror: From the lake in the second farm area using an iron fishing rod or better.
  • Prehistoric equipment: From the old lake with a golden fishing rod or better.
  • Sparkling Spur: From the sea in the third agricultural zone using any form of net.
  • Part worn by time: From the lake in the second agricultural zone using an iron fishing rod or better.

Obtained from puddles of water

  • Arthurite
  • Fulgurite
  • Olive crystal

Obtained only from Journey Sprite (once Sprite is at level 10)

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