The Humboldt campsite, a tourist information center, received 3,000 visitors in 2021

Most of the 3,000 guests, 62 percent, were from Saskatchewan.

HUMBOLDT – During the summer season, the Humboldt Campground and Tourist Information Center received over 3,000 guests, 62 percent from Saskatchewan.

Other provinces represented include 22 percent of Alberta, six percent of British Columbia, six percent of Manitoba, two percent of Ontario, and one percent of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. of Prince Edward Island.

That’s according to the Humboldt & District Chamber of Commerce, which submitted the figures to the town of Humboldt in a report presented to council in December.

“2021 has continued to be strongly affected by the dramatic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic,” wrote Brent Fitzpatrick, executive director of the chamber.

“The uncertainty centered on interprovincial travel, not to mention international, thus creating a decline in our camping rentals. “

While the pandemic has caused a decline in the number of visitors overall, Fitzpatrick said workers remaining in the area for construction work resulted in a slight upturn. In particular, he noted that they were “lucky” to have the company that was building the new Pattison Ag building outside of the city that stays next door.

For more convenience, the company proposed to install a new large capacity septic tank between sites 12 and 13. The project, approved by the city’s planning department, will allow the campsite to have two sites that can be used seasonally without having to move the camper at any time.

“At the end of the year, we were flat until 2020, which was also a year of challenges for the campsite and the tourist information kiosk. “

Long-term maintenance for campsite staff has involved the felling of nearly 48 old trees over the past two years, many eclipsed sites that have been identified as a potential hazard in strong winds. In addition, during the year, all picnic tables, electrical terminals and sign posts on the site were cleaned and painted.

“Additionally, we enjoyed sharing our site and the adventures it offers with the Humboldt Boy Scout Troop, Public School Daycare and other youth organizations,” said Fitzpatrick. “Having these large groups of kids, running around our campsite, enjoying nature in a safe, fun and educational way was very rewarding.”

He noted that their optimism is high for a better return on investment for 2022 through continued vaccination efforts, but the Humboldt & District Chamber of Commerce is also very cautious in the face of market volatility, with “caution” being the key. new year keyword.

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