The importance of information and fire prevention

With Fire Prevention Week upon us; it is extremely important to remember to be alert to things that could start a fire and to thank those who selflessly put themselves in danger for us. “Fire prevention is all about information sharing,” said Mayor Andrew Prokop. “Our professionals here in Taber are amazing at this and it is important for all of us in everyday life to be very aware of what they are promoting and this aspect of safety. You can never be safe enough in this regard, so fire prevention is essential and information and knowledge is a major benefit to our community. Prokop also gave insight going back to his time as a police officer. Noting that although he took care of the fires a lot, it was still left to the professionals. “We let them take care of the blaze while we took care of crowd and traffic control and helped wherever we could when needed. Every emergency service has to work well together and here it is no different. It is important that all emergency services freeze well and work well together. This is the key to having this professional availability with all the different professionals. Taber-Warner MP Grant Hunter also said that in Taber we have some of the best in the world and he greatly respects all the work they do. “We have some of the best in the world at Taber. Extremely altruistic people who fight fires and put themselves in danger. They flock in while we are missing – and the bravery is immense. I take my hat off to them and have the utmost respect for them. Hunter also had a few things to say about fire prevention. Like being alert when the conditions are right for it. Like when it’s hot and dry. “Be aware of things that can cause a spark and potentially start a fire. I think it’s great that we have a fire prevention week to highlight things like these. Prokop also explained that there were some great people to talk to to learn more about fire prevention. “Steve Swarbrick is the Town of Taber Fire Prevention Officer. Chief Steve Munshaw is also a great resource and we are also in the process of hiring a new Deputy Fire Chief. They are all more than willing to help and that is what emergency services are all about: to help people. There is no such thing as a silly question if you don’t know the answer.

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