Town of New Castle: Did You Know Part II: Important BCF Information

Posted on: October 15, 2021

Did You Know Part II: Important BCF Information

False assertionSome residents may have received an email stating that “everything indicates that the city could use [an FBC] in the hamlet of Millwood next door, putting your neighborhood at risk of overdevelopment. “MadePlease be aware that this city council has NOT discussed the implementation of such a code and I do not recall a conversation since the zoning process began over two years ago that the FBC should be continued in the hamlet of Millwood. More importantly, the City cannot rezone for a similar density in the hamlet of Millwood because it does not have the infrastructure, such as sewers, to do so.False assertionThe email further stated that residents of the West End of New Castle should “… think of FBC as the development of Sunshine Home. Once the FBC is in place, developers will be able to grow as of right – even if residents don’t agree with a project. There will be no contribution from the planning council, no contribution from the zoning council and no contribution from residents. “MadeThe FBC is in the process of implementing zoning legislation in the commercial district of the hamlet of Chappaqua made possible by the existing water and sewer infrastructure. The Sunshine Children’s Home involved a special use permit in a residential area lacking this infrastructure. The comparison is simply incorrect. Keep in mind that the lead agency, the New Castle Zoning Appeal Board, with assistance from the Planning Board, has approved the Sunshine Children’s Home. It is important that residents understand the extent of their ability to dictate, or not, what private landowners can do on their land and how an FBC provides parameters and guidelines to current and future landowners to adhere to. these visions and standards.

Jeremy Saland, Interim Municipal Supervisor

This press release was produced by the town of New Castle. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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