What happens to personal information on your phone

Our cell phones are, well, smart! And they monitor our every move to better predict the next one. This can sometimes imply that our electronic devices know more about us than we would like to believe. But how could your information be misused? “This information does not just pass from one provider to another, but it can also enter the dark web, where it can be used for malicious purposes, such as obtaining a credit card or trying to acquire a mortgage under your name, you know, some type of identity theft,” says cybersecurity expert Jay Town. On the other hand, data storage can be very useful for navigating the real world and the internet. .

These services are helpful, but if you’re losing sleep feeling like your devices are watching too closely, says Town, “If you don’t want your apps constantly shuffling your data, your personally identifiable information, then you can do one or two things, you can disable your location services, or you can remove this app altogether.And moving forward, here are some things you should think about before disabling location services or deleting apps. Town says, “You don’t need to just download every app you can find in your app store, your Google store. You know, use the ones you need and read the terms and conditions of the apps you use.

Town explains, “Now it’s great when you walk around New York, and they know you’re eating pizza because of your shopping history or your browsing history, and you get a notification on Google saying that you’re two blocks from Ray’s Famous Pizza…fantastic Or you want to know the weather, and it automatically knows your geolocation, that you’re in Washington and not Huntsville, and it can tell you it’s going to rain Washington D.C. and not somewhere you’re not. That’s great. That’s why we have location services on our phone. 3 Quick Facts About NewProfilePic’s Russian Ties and Privacy data

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