Why a small New England town is suddenly a booming housing market

Over the past year, the housing market has undergone surprising changes in the wake of the pandemic. Some homebuyers have gone to work remotely, while others have moved outside of cities and to less densely populated areas. This has resulted in growth in some unexpected parts of the country, but it remains to be seen whether this flow of people will stay or decrease in the months to come.

A new article by Libertina Brandt on Business Insider explores the city that became an unexpected real estate hotspot last year. You could even say that what happens in Vegas does not necessarily stay in Vegas. Note, however, that we are not talking about The ace Vegas here. Rather, it’s ManchVegas – one of the nicknames for the low-key college town of Manchester, New Hampshire.

As Brandt writes, a new report from Realtor.com has named Manchester the hottest housing market in the country. Real estate broker Jeff Nyhan told Buisness Insider: “If you have a home in the $ 300,000- $ 400,000 range right now in the greater Manchester area, it’s available as soon as you list it.

Manchester is relatively close to Boston, but also offers cheaper real estate, which is why there has been such a demand to live there. It doesn’t hurt that it has an active cultural scene, including the Currier Museum and a number of colleges and universities. Could ManchVegas possibly become the nation’s quintessential Vegas? Stranger things have happened.

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