Your guide to Cape Town, digital edition

Remixing the past, delving into the past, and rocking retro-thrifting as a whole is an underrated trend in fashion culture today. While some may see it as a gift, for many thrifty it is an opportunity to give a previously loved piece another chance, bring old chic into the new era, support the local and focus. on sustainable fashion.

If you love the culture of thrift and find yourself in the mother city, but don’t know where to press play on the fashion throwback, we’ve got you covered. Cape Town is known for having tons of wonderful little retro gems scattered across the city. However, with the lockdown right now, you might not want to sift through shelves on parts shelves. Do not worry ! This particular guide is your very own Cape Town economy thrills treasure map – online edition. You’re welcome.


If some of the most iconic finds with a special emphasis on second-hand jackets ring your aisle, then you have to peek in RetroStash’s closet like yesterday. When things finally open, you can visit them at 45 Kloof Street in Gardens, but for now, their beautifully aesthetic Insta will serve as the ultimate catalog.

Instagram: @retrostashclothing


Retrostash was actually my first online savings purchase at the time, blessing me with a gorgeous baby pink sixth sense coat that I still wear on special occasions – you can even check it out in our Video of the house of the wolf. I can proudly say that I have never been disappointed with their service, while their quality lasts beautifully.

Better half

If you’re looking for minimalist vintage energy, you’ve got to know Better Half.

Their aesthetic is so classic and calming that it’s hard not to get lost in time browsing through their looks. Although their physical location is at 114 Lower Main Street at Observatory, their online locations can be found here.

Instagram: @betterhalf_thestore


Large Vintage Retro Funk

Eccentric. Colored. The quintessence of groove. If dreaming in technicolor is your vibe, then taking a peek at one of Cape Town’s most beloved savings gems is well worth your time.

Instagram: @grandfunk_retrovintage

Bonus: They’re in the middle of their mid-month sale right now, so if you’re looking for your oldest latest addition, head over to their page for sure.

blood orange

Blood Orange is one of the chicest thrift stores in Mother City, welcoming every vibe from darling dungarees to streetwear looks that will melt you away. Their physical location is 7 Beckham Street in Gardens, and their online presence is here.

Pro tip: They are dungarees legends, so if you need some threads of that vibe, their page has all the scoops, from lookbooks to new drops.

Instagram: @blooorange_cpt


Bang bang

The vintage alternative is encapsulated by Bang Bang. From retro Dr Martens to vinyl records you might be lucky enough to use in your documents and savings leads, Bang Bang has everything you never thought you needed.

Located at 65 Lower Main Road in Obs, they only offer in-store sales, but by studying their looks online, you will be up to date on outfit inspiration, drops and restocking. Their page is a brilliant and wild journey through time and space. In their orbit you’ll find a steampunk aesthetic, platform boots that will take you back to the ’70s, and a nostalgic festival kit, all curated by the vintage eye adventurer.

Instagram: @bangbangvintagemarket

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